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Slow or non-functional drains are quite a frustration to many homeowners. Although some homeowners may try to use DIY methods to fix a clogged drain, it isn’t easy if you don’t understand how pipes inside the house operate. That is where a professional sewer & drain cleaning company comes in handy. With an abundance of unscrupulous entrepreneurs operating out there, it may be difficult to find a trustworthy drain cleaning company on the market. In fact, the sewer & drain cleaning industry is at an all-time low in its trustworthiness. That is why you need to be extremely cautious as a customer when selecting the right service provider in the area. Here are important tips to consider when finding a reliable drain cleaning company.


The drain cleaning industry is full of companies that prey upon the unsuspecting client. These companies teach their employees to spot a susceptible candidate when they see one. They choose to prey upon the first-time client, widowed or elderly customers. Such employees will use various techniques to convince the customer that they have problems that are more serious than they actually are. Some of these employees travel in pairs. One employee will be upstairs getting information about the gullible customer while the other is downstairs finding ways to aggravate the problem than it actually is. Hence, you should be extra cautious when dealing with drain cleaning companies that send more than one employee to handle the issue.

You can avoid falling prey to an unscrupulous drain cleaner by doing the homework properly before choosing the service provider. Make sure to choose a reputable and experienced company in the area. The sewer cleaning service should have a good reputation within your community. Get a referral from someone you trust in the area - such as a friend, neighbor or the hardware store in your town. They might have experience in working with a reliable drain cleaning company in the area. That is the best way to save a lot of time and your hard earned money in the selection process.


Not all drain doctors come equal. Make sure you check online for ratings of the local drain cleaning services before hiring one of them. Don’t select the first company that you come across an online search. Get several quotes from reliable drain cleaning services in the area before comparing these quotations and picking the right company for the project. Preferably, you would want a cleaning service that has been at it for a long time - at least 5-6 years of experience in sewer cleaning - not a newcomer who could be renting out the same device that you could have used. Don’t trust a company that offers you a quote without actually examining the drain problem.

A reliable drain cleaning company will have all the legal documents and other requirements to provide an excellent job - such as the business registration or license, adequate insurance coverage, the latest drain cleaning & safety equipment, and highly qualified technicians to perform the job. Make sure you check these things before deciding to work with a reliable service provider in the area. These are important things to look for when selecting a reputable and experienced sewer and drain cleaning company in the area.


In conclusion, clogged drains and sewer systems are best left to a professional drain cleaning company in the area. They are not the best DIY projects for an inexperienced homeowner. With a host of sewer and drain cleaning companies out there, choosing the right company should be done with utmost care.

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